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12-27-2005, 07:13 PM
Hi, it is Lynn again,...I have the 8.5 week old little girl. She seems so dominant already to my 2 and a half yr. old.(and she takes it!!! she is so soft) I have also trained and raised a choc. lab, and a border collie. so here goes, This little one isn't afraid... she eats out of the older ones bowl, she wrestles(and doesn't know when to quit) When I stop her she even snarls nips and growls at me. I take her scruff and tell her no but she just does it again. I don't want to press the panic button yet, but I don't want a tough unmanageable adult. I want to trust her and never be unconfident with her around any one or any animal. I keep saying this is JUST puppy behavior, but I do feel some red flags..call it a mothers intuition. Any words of wisdom. Thanks lynn

12-31-2005, 07:23 PM
Agression toward people are never good. A quick way to resolve it in one or two lessons.

Right now the pup sees itself as the leader of your pack, so you must make an adjustment.

Next feeding time, with pup alone with you, no other dogs around, reach towards the food bowl. At the first sign of aggression (growling, teeth, snapping) , grab the pup, flip it over on its back and pin it down, upside down until it stops squirming. For adding measure, you can also look it square in the eye while upside down and simulate a growl. When it stops trying to get back up and just relaxes, it was essentially submitted to you and you have established dominance.

I also have a VERY dominant female and I had one growling occurance when it was 10 weeks old and I did this twice and not a problem since. I can reach, play with its food, move it , take it away and even crouch down near it and theres not the slightest sign of people aggression.

Let it back up and try it again with the food, seeing if there is still aggression. Generally 2 of these will cure the people agression problem. Make sure all your other family members can also approach the dog when its feeding as well and if not, have them do the same thing.

The dog aggression is another issue altogther, usually you wont see the dogs final temperament until 12-18 months old, and it sounds like the pup will assume the dominant role, which is fine as long as the other animals accept this. Problems generally occur only when you have 2 dominant dogs that both want to be the alpha.