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03-12-2009, 06:17 AM
We have had Junior for 4 months now, he has come a long way with his shyness, but now he is destroying more and more things, yesterday was really, really bad. It seems as though this behavior starting getting really bad when my neighbor brought him back home as he was roaming the neighborhood-he went through the locked driveway gates. He has been a very moody dog, one minute loves to be outside, one minute runs into the house (when we first got him it took us almost two weeks to get him to come into the house by himself.) We let him go outside to go potty and it was so nice out he did not want to come back in so I went to work and my oldest son was just getting up to go to school. In the twenty minutes it took to take a shower and to check on the dog, he knew that something was wrong because the dog was going crazy. In that short about of time the dog scratched through the screen window of the door, bent the frame of the screen, went through the fences I have around my flowers jumped up on the window sill torn through the window screen could not get through there, went to the other window sill could not get through, went to the back sliding door torn through that screen and was jumping on the window when my son got out of the shower! I now have to replace a storm door screen (@$60.00 which they do not make anymore have to special order,) two window screens (@$30.00,) a sliding door screen (@$70.00,) and fences. My son went outside and told him "no" but the dog wanted to play and ran into the house. When I came home the dog came running out and as I was cleaning up his mess and telling him no and went into the house for the broom to sweep up, the dog jumped over the garden fence into my other flower bed and would not come out or get up. I had to remove the fence and then shoo him away. He kept jumping over the fence (4 more times) and would not listen to me when I told him "no" and I finally shooed him away with the broom. He ran away from me and was so scared that he peed himself. I love him dearly and I am at a loss of what to do! Is he that scared of being outside when we are not home? Separation Anxiety?

03-12-2009, 07:02 AM
It sounds like something outside scared him and he desperately wanted to get into the house where he was safe. We don't leave our dogs outside alone but our yard isn't fenced in so I don't have any experience in that type of behavior. However, the fact that he wasn't listening sounds like a training issue. He is 3 years old so he needs training. Yes, training a Pyr is hard and frustrating but it can be done. He needs to be trained on proper behavior and the difference between play time and non-play time. Shooing him away with the broom could have been seen by him as aggression (do you know his history) and that would definately scare him. By scaring him you put him into a panic mode and when dogs are in a panic mode they are unpredictable. I would say that if he isn't listening he gets a leash put on him so he isn't allowed to do what he wants but has to do what you want. Leo wears a radio collar when he is outside so there is never a game of "chase the puppy" when he doesn't listen. He knows what the warning beep means and he also disregards it when he thinks what he wants is better. He also knows what the correction means and will stop what he is doing and come back to me like I have taught him. Some days require more correction than others and some days require none at all. If Junior doesn't respect you when you tell him "no" then he needs more training on what "no" means. That could include leash training, treats, praise, isolation, etc. He has to understand that "no means no". Also, everyone in the house has to follow the training approach. If anyone gives in and doesn't follow thru he wins and will be difficult to get a handle on. It may take a long time to get him to understand the rules but it can and MUST be done.

03-14-2009, 09:22 AM
Sounds like he also has tons of energy that can be helped by walking him.
The leash solution works well for us for Sebastian. See Sebastian travels with us in the truck, so while we're out it's all up to us to make sure he is exercised enough. When we get home he goes into BONZAI! mode! With all that freedom he is crazy the first 24 hours. When we've had enough, we simply put his 3' lead on him, and he immediately settles down. Then first thing the next morning, he's out on a walk with me, rediscovering his neighborhood. We walk, for a while then he gets to play, on the long leash, I just have a blast with him.

Please don't take this wrong, but please don't get so frustrated (he'll feed off that too) as to scare him with an object. You will cause him to not trust you, and to be afraid of things he should not be afraid of. You don't want a timid Pyr (or any dog), it will cause new problem for you. I think the lead will work wonders for you. You may have to hold the leash for some time until he realizes that you have control over him with that on him.

You can also let him out in the morning with the leash but you'll want to keep a constant eye on him. A dragging leash is dangerous for him too. Also with the leash on you'll want him to be supervised at all times. So when you let him out and he does the typical Pyr ignoring of your command you have the leash to catch him by.

I always have to remind my husband who tends to react to things rather than respond....like the Dog Whisperer, "calm and assertive". Know what you want and let him know what you want, expect it. It takes as much training for us as for them :)

I'll bet with a good walk in the morning before you go to work will give you a different dog. But I'm no expert.
OH, with summer coming too, you'll want to walk in the mornings before the heat gets too much for him. A GREAT thing about a Pyr too, is their size and bark.......I can walk at any time of the day or night with mine and feel quite at ease doing so. Just his size alone is intimidating to a would be perpetrator.

Good luck, I know you'll get more advice on this on here because there are others that are much better at it than I and have had more Pyrs.....we are on our second, and our guy is 14 months old. Love him to PIECES!

03-16-2009, 04:42 AM
Thanks for the advice. He was abused with his old family. You can tell that he has been through a rough 3 years as he has scares on his face.The shelter did not tell us any details except that he will need TLC. When I called the shelter to ask for advice, they told me to create him all day and take him to training for $400.00 for an 8 week program!!! YIKES!!! He is afraid of everything and everybody. We were working with him for 4 months now and things were really improving, but last week he just went crazy. Everyone said that I spoiled him, yep I sure did :) and he got attached to me and when I leave he does not like it. We take him for long walks (almost 2 miles a day) and he does really well on his walks and has socialized well with other people and dogs (except rotts and labs.) He does not bark at all, and when he goes outside he will hide in the corner if I am not out with him. I noticed too that any noise will scare him. He destroyed another window screen the next day when my son let him out to go potty. I am thinking something must have scared him to destroy every window screen. A nice member of these forums has offered to help train him, but we can not get him to go into the car, he is scared. I have a lot of experience with dogs, but I am still learning as I go!!!