View Full Version : Look Ma! I'm Not Scared!

02-07-2009, 06:19 PM
Much to our frustration....Sebastian decided back in December, after hearing the wind blow and make noise on a needed repair on our above ground pool...he decided that the back yard is no longer safe for him and he would NOT go there without us putting on his leash and giving him a firm "COME!"
(it's a beautifully fenced backyard....perfect for a Pyr...no need for a leash).

We were gone for three weeks, got home last Friday and we both took sick so bad this past week that we could in no smart way get Sabby outside. He was scared to death to go on his own.

So today we're doing better and have worked with him getting back out there again. Took him out with the firm COME command earlier today, then again a bit ago.

I put his collar and leash on and he went out in front of me instead of needing a come command.

Then started playing in the snow like a crazy Pyr is supposed to. Now he's running around the house in and out like the happiest dog alive.

and me..........I'm crazy happy that our big boy (for now anyway) is no longer afraid of his back yard.

(Now you watch.......when the snow melts and it's all muddy.....I'll be singing a different tune.....LOL)