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01-28-2009, 06:01 AM
We were on our daily walk last night, leash controlled, when we were attacked by two bullies that come out of nowhere. They come right up on us, started to growl, show teeth, and my dog just stood his ground, stood in-between us, and let them know that he was not intimidated until they starting jumping on him. He turned around and starting growling at them, one backed away, the other would not leave us alone. The owner finally (slowly) strolled down the street and could not catch them. We starting walking back home so I could call the cops (what a joke) when they ran up on us again. This time they tried to bite us. I stood in-between them and us, to try to control them, but they were not having it. I looked for the owner and HE WAS WALKING THE OPPOSITE WAY BACK HOME. He left me to fend for ourselves!!! I tried to go into one of the areas homes fenced in yards, but could not get in (gate locked.) About 15 minutes later, I seen a girl running down the street calling the dogs, so I decided to put an end to it and grabbed the dogs by their collars and fur and held tightly. I was mad by then, and gave her my "Detroit" attitude. She said sorry, and I said you are lucky no one was hurt, but I am calling animal control. She said I was a MEAN LADY!!! I said these dogs are yours and his responsibility and the guy left me alone with his dogs to control!!!

Through all of this I am amazed that my shy/fearful dog held his ground, listened to me, and did not back down. He wanted to play when we got home, so hopefully this did not set him back (he did not want to go for a walk when he first come home.)

Did I do the right thing and let him defend us? What should I have done differently? (This is not the first time this has happened to me, my beloved Aussie (RIP) was aggressive to other dogs and I learned how to deal with her behavior and used what I learned in this situation.)

01-28-2009, 08:06 AM
WOW! Talk about your good news/bad news story. Good news your dog stood his ground and obeyed you. Bad news that you had to deal with such a terrible situation in the first place.
In my opinion you did EXACTLY the right thing in letting him defend you. That's his nature. It's obvious he has adopted you as his own and will fight to protect you when necessary. I see this as nothing BUT progress.
It does sound a little risky to grab a strange dog that's in fighting mode though. Especially if they were big dogs.
I'm sorry the police were not helpfull but they have priorities like the rest of us. I'd try to find out where those dogs live, make a formal complaint to the police and keep pestering them to make the time to go over there and give them a warning. Too many instances of small children and the elderly getting seriously hurt by dogs owned by idiots for this to be ignored.
Of course feuding with neighbors is rarely an enjoyable pastime so it's a tough call.
But it's great to hear about the progress being made. Take care. Dave.

01-28-2009, 11:43 AM
You didnt do anything wrong your Pyr is a Guardian and will protect you at all cost.

Lets be honest you really think you could hold him if he decided to kill both of those dogs that were trying to hurt ya?

Cops are useless might as well not waste your cell phone min if they showed up they might ticket you or something they never help only make things worse.

Its a lucky thing your dog gave those other dogs a warning and didnt rip both of their throats out. Great Pyr may seem like a Duh Duh dog but when real danger comes down they will suprise ya.

In a situation that your were in you didnt do anything wrong thats your dogs nature and theres nothing wrong with that at all. Be happy you have the best breed of dog in the world. :)


01-28-2009, 03:18 PM
Your pyr could've taken them both on and killed them and then you would be to blame. Pathetic laws. You did the right thing, and you have a good pyr, they should NEVER back away from a fight.
I would have started to walk the other way. If a fight did start, you must let go of the lead and let your dog fend for himself. Just an FYI. Most people grab leads and start screaming thinking they are protecting the dog, you have to give him a chance. I've broken up several dog fights. Water, lemon juice and blankets put an end to it quite quick.
You were absolutely right to call animal control. I would have also called police as where I am there are 1500$ worth of charges that can be given and I would ensure that homosapien got ALL of them.
Know your local laws, talk to cops etc. Report them, tell them you thought the dogs were going to attack you, that will send them running. You can even call 911 and say you are being attacked. etc. blow it up. I know, I've been there, I spoke to the police and this is exactly what they told me. Not a pleasant experience, but I am much more confident knowing the law than being in the dust.
Great job, this is what pyrs were bred to do, cherish him! :o)

01-28-2009, 03:52 PM
Wow! Good for your Pyr and you! I think calling the police was smart also, so now they'll have it on record and if you Pyr ends up having to harm one of the dogs they will have record that you have complained about them before.

My female (that we lost last year) would have ripped my arm off if I had tried to hold her back from this. And my puppy, 11 month old male who is quite timid still, I know would not have allowed the dogs to come at me or my husband.

It may have given him more confidence too. That he protected his 'flock' his momma so well.


01-29-2009, 06:15 AM
I am so glad I found this forum. Great advice everyone! Thanks!!!

The incident did not seem to set his shyness/fearfulness back. He actually barked at me (and would not stop) when I got home from work because he wanted to go for his walk. :)

01-29-2009, 01:10 PM
Noise and people shyness is a completely different issue from dog on dog issues. A soft dog can still have strong guardian instincts towards its flock. This is the same reversed, an aggressive guardian can be very friendly and non-aggressive towards people as well.

As for the incident, yes you did the right thing. In most cases, when a dog or multiple dogs at large get into a confrontation with another person or animal if leashed, its usually the owner of the at large dogs that is at fault, provided that you acted properly and accordingly with the situation (IE: over-escalated) So if your dog killed the others in the act of protecting you or itself, then usually you would be in the right.

Usually the only time people have problems is when they over-escalate, such as injuring or killing the animal because it came over without attacking, such as a person striking an animal because they were afraid of dogs etc