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  1. update on Bella
  2. The Joys Of Puppyhood
  3. Socializing Bella
  4. Great story long but worth the read for dog lovers
  5. Bad Dreams??
  6. Puppy with a Cat Problem!
  7. My pyrenees bit me! ...bad
  8. Bella and her leash
  9. after fight...now aggressive towards dogs?
  10. First day with 7 wk old Pyr puppy
  11. This is new...
  12. chewing ,chewing and more chewing
  13. New pic's of my pretty Bella
  14. Bella in the morning
  15. How to get Great Pyr used to Chickens
  16. Great Pyrenees and Donkeys?
  17. New Mom Problem
  18. Doesnt fit with other thigs ive read or been told
  19. Bella is such a goof
  20. My 2 year old Pyr is suddenly terrified of going in public
  21. Bella doing wonderful except?
  22. Was Missy and I in the wrong?
  23. So happy for my little monkey!!
  24. New here, with a ? about aggression
  25. Bella's new brother
  26. Not such a good idea?
  27. Pyrs in an urban setting
  28. Has to be a Pyr
  29. Weird antics anyone?
  30. New meaning to the word hardheaded!!!
  31. Help! Maggie lunging, growling, barking at strange dogs.
  32. Pyr attacking chickens - help please
  33. Hi!
  34. Counter surffing
  35. Bring another Pyr into the fold
  36. new pi's of Bella
  37. Friendly debate with trainer re: pyr training. Opinions??
  38. sudden food aggression, towards husband and daughter
  39. Giving of the paw?
  40. New Pyr Parent
  41. My Pyr barks at EVERYTHING!!!
  42. a few behavior questions
  43. pyr & wildlife
  44. Our first real July 1st fireworks display
  45. Need good advice
  46. When Does Their Guarding Instinct Typically Kick In?
  47. Great Pyrenees killed an Alpaca
  48. New Member: How to control Guardian Behaviour
  49. In DIRE need of help!!!
  50. Submissive urination problem
  51. Strange behavior, need opinions
  52. I have to make a horrible decision!
  53. Behavior problems with a new pup. Help!!!
  54. Bella being baaaad!!
  55. Pry Behavior Question
  56. Please Help.
  57. please help me out going out of town need advice with my great pyr
  58. excessive barking
  59. new puppy questions
  60. After accident pyr takes it all in stride
  61. let them duke it out?
  62. How to Curb Counter Surfing
  63. we start to have some problems...
  64. Anxiety in our 5 Year Old Pyr Question
  65. Off leash question
  66. Odd behavior towards one person
  67. I could really use some advise.
  68. Looking for a buddy
  69. Getting older Pyr to accept new pyr puppy
  70. Bullying the cat
  71. Bella and the baseboards! Please help!!
  72. are yours the same way?
  73. So cute!
  74. Adaptation problem? solutions please?
  75. Post Neutered Behavior
  76. Jack is Depressed
  77. hello and a question
  78. Are all Pyrs good walkers?
  79. Help! Oso turned on me!
  80. I need some help
  81. New signs of aggression
  82. using the basement as a bathroom!
  83. Need some advice
  84. Oso's back to sweetness
  85. Barking Barking Barking
  86. stuck to me like glue
  87. What's the craziest thing your Pyr has learned on its own?
  88. Is it aggression?
  89. Having a Problem with Bear
  90. The right way to walk my great pyr
  91. My Pyr Growled and Snapped at Me Today
  92. Showing me her teeth?
  93. Unusual phobias
  94. My foster failure refuses house braking!
  95. Guardian Behavior
  96. Odd Behavior
  97. Barking bylaw vs. Right to farm
  98. Seeking Advice
  99. Recently *adopted* our neighbors Great Pyr
  100. Advice For A 5 Yr Old Lunger and Aggressive Pussycat GP
  101. Looking for input on PYR 18 months
  102. Yay! We got him...one issue..hates crate
  103. advice need, 18 mo female w high anxiety
  104. 4yr old just started chewing bags
  105. Goofy catlady just adopted 9 month old Pyr into a house full of cats...
  106. Separation anxiety in 5 mo rescue
  107. Strange Behavior in my Great Pyr
  108. Teach my Pyr to live indoors?
  109. Pulling hair out
  110. help!! gotten worse with chewing
  111. whining and yelping
  112. how to deal with a young Pyr who 'talks back'?
  113. Chewing, nipping, BITING. :(
  114. Starting to wonder...is it separation anxiety or guarding?
  115. Behavior/Escape problem - 9 months old
  116. Terrified of walking on leash
  117. In tears, he chewed up the couch last night
  118. Hello again. Help!
  119. Still having potty issues at nearly eight months
  120. Exasperated!
  121. My Pyr Pulls on Our Clothes
  122. New Pyr owner
  123. Barking at us when we try to redirect.. HELP.
  124. A few behavior questions - half-play biting and rebellion :)
  125. Anti-Chew Products
  126. Newbie with a question
  127. Incessant barking
  128. Barking
  129. Need help with behavior, desperately
  130. 5 yr old male showing aggression
  131. Benaiah's "Meltdowns"
  132. Clomicalm or new home?
  133. Scared of my growing Pyr. Help...
  134. Sven bit me, what should I do?!
  135. oh cute!
  136. need guidance
  137. A question about judgement
  138. What was wrong with Bella?
  139. Is my GP Gay ??
  140. Is 4 a magic number?
  141. Increased fearfulness 18-24 months?
  142. Totally Different Dog When Outside
  143. 3 Mth old puppy. Doesn't seem to be affectionate towards people.
  144. Maybe I'm simple, but I find this fascinating
  145. Punitive Puppy?
  146. Why is my dog a wuss?
  147. Reaction I have never seen before!!
  148. Lesson Learned!!
  149. Miya's Swap Meet Experience
  150. Pyr chasing bicycles, joggers and humping intact males
  151. Aggessive Male
  152. truisim ....
  153. Listening/Barking
  154. Excitement and Frustration Biting
  155. Attack of the Giant Teenage Puppy
  156. Hey Dad... I dug up this toy! Oh, BTW, the sprinkler's busted now.
  157. Suddenly chewing all the time
  158. Depressed and frustrated
  159. Sudden change in behavior
  160. Help hubby going to send my Titan back to farm
  161. Can I exercise her from the sofa?
  162. My Pyr Gets Possessed...
  163. Do Pyrs chew?
  164. Moses's Rug
  165. Would you like to pee on my carpet?
  166. My dog is fearful
  167. Socializing??
  168. My Moody Teenaged Boy
  169. Bella not coping?
  170. Teaching about threats
  171. Trying to help a stray GP
  172. Guarding Behaviors?
  173. Stair Climbing
  174. Food & toy aggression
  175. Like having a puppy all over again
  176. How could I deny him???
  177. Question for y'all
  178. Leash "Irritation"
  179. Tail waggin...
  180. Agressive 2 year old.
  181. Lover with humans, Fighter with dogs...
  182. Is he trying to tell me something?
  183. Barking After Eating
  184. New...Questions about raising a puppy
  185. Fearful Puppy
  186. Having trouble with Marley being too rough with other dog...
  187. New puppy and 2 1/2 year old pyr (Sally) problem
  188. Funny story...
  189. Something to reflect on
  190. Should I get another pyrenees in my townhouse?
  191. Breaking the rules
  192. Firework related stress
  193. Super Nova Tantrum! Help!
  194. Adding New Adult Male - American Bulldog
  195. New Puppy and Barking
  196. Pyrs and Cats?
  197. Puppy Doesn't Like Taking Walks
  198. I thought I rescued a Pyrenees....
  199. Nipping Getting Worse
  200. Lilli gets extremely aggressive
  201. Pyr / German Shepherd Mix Puppy - anyone with experience or thoughts?
  202. New pyr mix puppy/awake in middle of night
  203. A rescue and advice
  204. Rescue Pyrenees crate and bone issues need help
  205. Singing, yodeling, talking, whining?
  206. Marley's instincts are coming out
  207. Great Pyrenees Pooping on Back Deck
  208. Off leash opportunity?
  209. Bear was shaking. Was it fear?
  210. sad puppy!
  211. Pyrenees swimming!
  212. Aggression or Guarding...So Worried
  213. Dog fight - now what?
  214. Seriously
  215. New pyr owner
  216. Embarassed/Frustrated/Confused!
  217. Strange Sherlock Puppy
  218. Foster Puppies
  219. My will not quit chewing on everything and EVERYONE!
  220. Proud Mama!
  221. new pyr owner . my cute 11 week old girl . strange pee habits ?
  222. i think my little girl had a upset tummy last nite caused by a chew treat
  223. Razz loves kids a little TOO much..
  224. How to keep my 7 mo pyr busy during day??
  225. Oh Good Gravy.... Toby won't stop talking tonight.....
  226. Moose "biting" butts at park - need feedback
  227. aggresive puppy!
  228. Dropping by to say "hi"
  229. Just for fun
  230. two male pyrs
  231. Xander just wants to dig!
  232. Strange Behavior
  233. Oso's new cousin
  234. Great Pyr Running away
  235. Dogs are people too...
  236. Antler chews?
  237. 8 week old pup hates other dogs!
  238. 6 month puppy keeps getting picked on
  239. Many issues
  240. all of a sudden the couch is food
  241. Could my pup be hard of hearing?
  242. Possible New Puppy
  243. Max NEVER barks
  244. Daisy Doesn't bark, Ever?
  245. my pups killing chickens
  246. Won't go in crate
  247. When does the puppy biting/nipping stop?!
  248. Obsessive barking
  249. Best Fencing Options
  250. Housebreaking is NOT working!!